DEUTEROS (?) (?)

To obtain lots of goods (Supplies), go to the surface stores and press SHIFT and 'C'. The screen should turn green almost immediately. Press SHIFT and 'C' again and you should have an infinite supply of everything.


  1. Load the game.

  2. Build up the earth station... Tons of gold 2.

  3. Create factory above leda (Jupiter system) and get plenty of gold.

  4. Create 3 more factories in orbit: I like Jupiter, Leda, Titan, Moon.

  5. Visit the Uranus star system: And dock with an alien space station.

  6. When you get thrown out return to earth and dismantle the ship.

  7. You get a comspod.

  8. Develop this and return to the alien base.

  9. Keep trading until the alien warns you and gives you the laser plans.

  10. War!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. For christ sake I hope you have got enough gold or your dead (See cheats at end)

  12. Attack an alien base: It blows up so get the hell out of there develop the destruct sequence ands fit to all your bases.

  13. Attack another alien base: Land and de-activate the panic button use the two levers on the right.

  14. Go to the stores.

  15. Develop the anti matter transporter: Fit to all bases no more ferrying stuff just beam from one base to another.

  16. Now build as many bases as you can.

  17. You may get the game over message ignore it and just continue on cause theres millions of aliens in other systems.

  18. In general when you build a base: fit a opperations computer and you only need 1 production crew for the game.
A bunch of other tips:

Here is the basic idea to complete the game:

  1. Kill the Methanoids.
  2. Build Weapons to kill the Methanoids.
  3. Rule every fucking galaxy.
  4. Own lots of planets.
And here are some tips to help you complete the thing.

  1. At the start keep putting men into the training chambers, you want two engineering teams, a few pilot teams and you can only have one science team.

  2. Build a ship assemble it then fit it with a tool pod which will need to be developed. Then start putting satellite thingies on it and assemble a satellite (or whatever it fucking is) in space.

  3. Make an A.C.C. and fit it to your ship and program it so that it will keep taking cargo into space. Put a crew on board as they will gain levels when the ship does this. Click on the day/night icon and leave the game for an hour so you will have heaps of minerals in space.

  4. Now send up an engineering crew of 200 people (I think thats the maximum) and get them to develop all the things that can't be developed on earth.

  5. Start building lots of of the 3 space cargo ships.

  6. Before you can get any more planets, you will have to go to the asteroid belt to get lots of silver. This is so you can build Resource frames or something that will enable you to get minerals from other planets. By the way, thats all planets are good for, cos people can't live on them or build stuff. To mine for silver, you need one asteroid miner and two cargo holders so you can take the silver back to earths satellite. I recommend that you set the cargo ship with an A.C.C. program that will take only silver back to earths orbit. That way you can leave the game for a while and you can get lots of silver.

  7. Build 8 more satellite parts a bandaid and 6 resource frames so you can own another planet. To do this, select a planet (I recommend the moon as it is closest) and build a satellite thingy there. Then send over an engineering team, and the 6 resource pods, and a bandaid (You'll have to do a lot of this later so get used to it.) Build a small ship that can take the resource frames down to the planet (or moon if thats what you want) and then assemble it with the bandaid. Now program give the small ship an A.C.C. and cargo holder and program the A.C.C. to bring all the minerals up from the planet or moon.

  8. Build a big cargo ship, give it an A.C.C. and place three cargo holders on it and program it so that it will make the minerals from your chosen planet and earth equal.

  9. Now if you go to Jupiter or some place in the galaxy you will meet the Methanoids, that will be friendly... For a while... bring them a tool pod and a cargo holder with any mineral and they will give you a comms pod so you can communicate with them. This will allow you to trade minerals with the Methanoids. Try giving them different minerals till they give you the one you need most. Keep trading for the same minerals for a long time. (You will need as much as you can get.)

  10. Once you are confident, start building more and more satellite thingies and place them throughout the galaxy, so you own lots of planets. Only own planets with minerals you don't have, or are running low on.

  11. After you have around 6 to 8 planets the Methanoids will declare war on you. Don't shit yerself!! You will have to wait for a while before your scientist comes up with the battle pod thing. When he does, tell him to develop it, and then build heaps of them. You want 200 in each fleet, otherwise you will lose... Always have the highest ranking pilot team you have, in command of a fleet. That way you will have more of a chance of winning. Save the game before going into battle so you can try again if you lose.

  12. You should have developed the factory things that do an engineers job now, so set all planets on making lots of those things. If you can't clear this galaxy of all the Methanoids don't bother trying to get to the next stage! Because then you have to hyperspace to over seven different galaxies and clear them out!!!!

  13. When the Methanoids are dead in your part of the galaxy, you will start receiving messages from aliens that you will never ever see in the game. They are trying to tell you that you must get 8 bits of a machine that is scattered around the solar system. You will only be given the position of them when you clear each galaxy of the Methanoids. You can pick them up with the grappling thing that is normally used to get small asteroids.

  14. Your scientist will now tell you he can build big cargo/battle ships that have 6 spaces and can travel longer distances. Develop these and fit them with the battle things. Your scientist will also give you better battle droids later. Keep developing the old droids though, because he will also give all your ships a hyperspace attachment that will speed up the time it takes to get to each galaxy AND this will take your pilots up to WARLORD level. When they are at this level you can use the old droids and still have a battle skill of 2000. It is impossible to go any higher so you may as well stop making the new droids and go back to the old ones. This is because they use less minerals.

  15. Once you've blown the shit out of all the Methanoids in each galaxy, and have the pyramid thingies the other aliens keep telling you to get you will complete the game. You have to mount the pyramid on a tool pod or something then activate it in space. Pitiful thing is - you never see the other aliens and you never know what the thing you made does! It seems to be some super mega hyperspace hot shit thing if you know what I mean.
Now here's a few notes on weapons and other shit like that.

MATTER TRANSPOPRTER: This is real handy - you can get rid of all the cargo ships with A.C.C.'s and use these instead. No need to take minerals to space stations on ships anymore.

AUTO DESTRUCT BUTTON: When you capture a Methanoid Space Station they always will turn on the auto destruct mechanism that they have. You will not be able to shut it off until your scientist says he knows how to make and disconnect them. To disconnect just click on the two slightly glowing things. To blow up your own station (always blow up a station that you can't save) make them separate. Before your scientist will let you shut an auto destruct off, you don't have to wait in a dock till you die. Just take off as soon as you dock.

FUEL MISSILE: (I think thats what its called) Only fire this when the Methanoids droids are flying on the outside. By the time it gets there the droids have come in to rhe right point. Practice makes perfect here. If you're real good (like me) you can finish a battle with 170 droids left.

METHANOID TEHNIQUES: Methanoids mostly will attack the station that was last made. They will keep attacking it over and over again till it is theirs. Make lots of duff stations that you will never use so you can get them off your back for a while. BUT MAKE SURE YOU FUCKIN' AUTO DESTRUCT THEM!!

HYPERSPACE: Use this to take your pilots up to Warlord level. They go up to this level in just one flight.

SUPER HUGE MEGA FUCKIN LASER: Pity this one blows up your station, but if you build lots of duff stations and fit them with this it will take them longer to attack the next time round.

MINERALS: The most important minerals when I was playing were titanium and silver. You get lots of titanium at the start but a lot gets used so you run out later on Platinum or Paladium (Can't remember which one) is quite rare too.